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Sean Kingston - Beautiful Mashup

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In a brief but impressive career, Sean Kingston has always had a knack for creating amazing hooks. At 17, he released the Ben-E.-King-inspired “Beautiful Girls”, somehow managing to sing about suicidal thoughts without losing his trademark smile. This was followed up with “Me Love”, a twist on Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Maker”, and “Take You There”, which pointed towards a more electronic futuristic sound. By the time he released this summer’s inescapable euro-flavored infectious dance hit “Fire Burning”, the sound had gone fully electronic, while remaining as catchy as ever.

So when his label approached me about mashing up his greatest hits, I knew I had all the raw material I would need to make an ultra hook-y mashup. And finding the actual words “mash up” in “Beautiful Girls” was just icing on the cake.

I mixed up these four hits, along with “I Can Feel It” from his last album “Sean Kingston”, and bits of “Tomorrow” and “Face Drop” from his upcoming album “Tomorrow”.

And I made a video for it as well!
To view the video in full screen, click HERE.
Download the full version here.

I also made a shorter radio edit of this mashup which you can download here.

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  1. 101
    Black Cat Says:

    Yo! I’m from Viet nam and i’m a fan of you
    I love your remix music’
    Please remix for me this song:Wait for the end by Linkin Park

  2. 102
    Luv Ya Says:

    OMG I love every thing you do. This and 2009 are my fav keep going my friends Luv U too!!!!!

  3. 103
    Rogilmo Says:

    hi i got a sugestion can u please make one of Jennifer Lopez it will be a great hit really hanks a lot and keep doing great mixes congratulations!!

  4. 104
    Sagar Says:

    simpli owsum buddy………

  5. 105
    black hunter boots Says:

    interesting read… keep up the nice
    Looking forward to hearing more, more more : )

  6. 106
    Zekami Says:

    LOve your mash-ups!!!!
    Genius ,dude!!!!

  7. 107
    Pe@c3 Says:

    Wow another one of Earworms great work. You should make one for Usher man!

  8. 108
    OPTZKI Says:

    I usually dont liike sean kingston, but i LOVE THIS MIX

  9. 109
    Andrea Says:

    OMG Dont ever stop, keep it coming baby!

  10. 110
    angelo Says:


  11. 111
    Bhumika.Shah Says:

    i’ve been following ur mashups since 2008 and the sean kingston mashup is 1 of the best ones iv’e heard….can’t tell u how excited i am …waiting for the 2011 mashup

  12. 112
    Laura Braggio Says:

    Heyy, your mashup is amazing!!!! and united state of pop 2010 too!! actually, both of them are….wowww..!
    Good job! xxox ;**

  13. 113
    Kitkat Says:

    How do you do that it is so cool!!!!!!!

  14. 114
    Sheila Says:

    I admit that I’m not a fan of Sean Kingston, but that song “Beautiful Girl” still singing in my head, it was a real hit :D

  15. 115
    Esme Russell Says:

    OMG Baby and sean kingston beautiful mashup are my FAVE !!!!! try and get more known so you can get in the charts!!!! BTW i’m 8 . can’t wait till’ summer-new mashup!

  16. 116
    bleach cosplay Says:

    Sean Kingston is one of my fave singer now

  17. 117
    Anthony Says:

    no one cant beat this 1 beautifull mashup like it very much DJ… i like all of it specially this 1 :D

  18. 118
    Ava Says:

    Dude, sick music :) Love it!

  19. 119
    long white wedding dresses Says:

    Big Thanks for the article RSS feed added

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I really learned alot from it. Thank you again.

  20. 120
    Ellie Says:

    YOU ARE A W E S O M E ! :)

    i love your mash ups.they’re fantastic. and thx for the FREE download ! ;D

    i rly l<3ve ya !

  21. 121
    paniz Says:

    love you sean kingston

  22. 122
    Soeyan Naing Says:

    this song is so hot. and it make me amazin’. so, i think you do mix what hey soul sister by train more. cause this song is my favorite song.

  23. 123
    $#@m€ ¡ Says:

    Ohmaii ilove your masup dude! My besrie love u too DJ! keepitup! LOVE YA DJ! :-$ (@TienLkNp) :-)

  24. 124
    $#@m€ ¡ Says:

    Ohmaii ilove your mashup dude! My bestie love u too DJ! keepitup! LOVE YA DJ! :-$ (@TienLkNp) :-)

  25. 125
    ymcmbharish Says:

    heyy hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  26. 126
    Ghayoor Shaikh Says:

    That is very interesting)
    Nice to hear this song………………from you on this platform:)

  27. 127
    melanie mquiston Says:

    hhhheeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!!! i lllooooovvvveee uuuuurrrrr mmmmaaaassshhhh uuuupppppssss

  28. 128
    katey perry Says:

    me no like mash ups but urs r pretty good.

  29. 129
    Ghayoor Shaikh Says:

    That is simply Awesome!!
    We love to come here again and again:)

  30. 130
    Owen Says:

    Best mashup i ever listen katy is right she is not a mashup fan but this might change earworm fan one time sean kingston really surfing ski he got hit in a brick wall or somthing Earworm please make a Mashup about praying and looking Forward to career that i want to say it will be nice to it will change the world your nice fan mr.O

  31. 131
    anon e mous Says:

    omg ur the new best dj ever
    2012 is ur year, make it yours and epic. x

    big fan xxx

  32. 132
    ayush gupta Says:

    i luv this songs……….

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