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Love and Wonder

Maroon 5 recently released a remix album entitled Call and Response, where they got various of remixers to radically re-interpret their greatest hits. I commend them on their spirit of experimentation, especially since they opened up their entire archive for me to destroy interpret! I basically had the Pro Tools digital recording sessions for all their songs, so I could go in and grab whatever instrument or vocal I wanted. This is the first time I’ve gotten such a depth of data to work with.

As I picked apart the recording sessions, the thing that really stood out to me was the level of musicianship buried in the many layers. What sounded like a simple guitar riff was actually made up of many guitars, carefully layered and ordered to get just the right tone. Background vocals revealed themselves to be beautiful melodies in their own right.

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Club Mix

This version has an electro house club feel.. I added some guitars from “Goodnight Goodnight”, “This Love”, and “Makes Me Wonder”, and brought in the piano from “She Will be Loved”. Other little bits from other M5 songs are found scattered in there. Click on the buttons to the right for a radio/ipod-friendly version, and for the DJs, here’s an extended version.

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