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Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards

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I’ve always held a deep respect for Annie Lennox and her music, so when she gave me her multi-track masters to mash up, I was thrilled. The task was to tie together all of her solo career into single song and video, and I could deconstruct it as much as I wanted! Woohoo!

Her music expresses much hardship and sadness, but also defiance, joy and triumph, and I wanted the mashup to reflect that journey. Here’s the tracklist:
  • Why
  • Walking on Broken Glass
  • Little Bird
  • No More I Love You’s
  • Waiting in Vain
  • Something So Right
  • Dark Road
  • Sing
  • Shining Light
To listen to the streaming audio (sorry, no downloads on this one), click HERE
And here’s the video for it:
To view the video in full screen, click HERE.


178 Responses to “Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards”

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  1. 101
    mario Says:

    have I told how amazing this is??

  2. 102
    XIII Says:

    Are you ever going to post the MP3 of this track?!

  3. 103
    Lisa-Jayne Jones Says:

    I present a radio show twice a week on 107 Spark FM in Sunderland. On researching an idea for a feature on mashup’s for my show, I came accross your site and this amazing Annie Lennox mashup. You are truly gifted and I am certainly going to play it on tomorrow’s show.

    Would love a chat and maybe an interview sometime so give me a n e mail.



  4. 104
    Brett Says:

    This is excellent love Annie.
    Where can we buy this mp3

  5. 105
    Tony Says:

    I can’t get enough of this mix, Howcan I download this?

  6. 106
    john joseph james J3 Says:

    DJ Mothear and Father worm , you are so damn cool…bet you slice and dice those melodies using the hands of God!……keep going, stay original and never , ever give up talent…keep the faith

  7. 107
    taylor Says:

    why can’t this one be downloaded? this is my favorite one but yet i cant get it off of here

  8. 108
    sirarthur Says:


  9. 109
    Earworm Says:

    Sorry I can’t offer downloads on this one…

  10. 110
    ajh1138 Says:

    OK, this single-artist mashup is freaking AMAZING. I love Annie and you’ve really captured some essence here, man. So many ultra-lame remixes out there, and then this shining gem bursts through. Blown away. Great video and audio work.

  11. 111
    Gil Says:



  12. 112
    Myra Says:

    This is REALLY AMAZING!!! You really do have an awesome talent!! I hope you keep with it!!

  13. 113
    Joe W Says:

    I can’t tell you how thrilled/amazed i was when i first discovered this mashup… Absolutely brilliant! Luv it!

  14. 114
    Annie Lennox – Backwards/Forwards – An Earworm Mashup – Dance Music Says:

    [...] Read more [...]

  15. 115
    Perry Says:

    please make this downloadable. it is too good.

  16. 116
    waddles Says:

    why can’t i download this song. I love it and its the last song i need to have the whole set of DJ Earworm Mashups

  17. 117
    steven Says:

    OK! this song, even though it isnt my most favorite from you, it brought me back to 2 of her songs! so i guess, you can say that you just made her a good $14 from the entire CD i just bought!!! still a great job as usual!

  18. 118
    Chris K from tha UK Says:

    Can’t say I ever rated Annie’s works before – but this is genius. I guess I’ve all growned up.

    I submit all praise to the alter of your grandeur. Mad skillz friend!

  19. 119
    DC* Says:

    It’s on my top three! :)

    3. Stairway to Bootleg Heaven
    2. Backwards/Forwards
    1. United State of Pop 2009 (Blame it on the pop)

  20. 120
    Gordon Taylor III Says:

    love your music it always has inspired me. muah :>)

  21. 121
    Mike S Says:

    I think I have been transfixed by a music track about 3 times in my life – this did it for me. It’s one of the most impressive works of musical art I have seen in years.

    I’m actually a little bit in awe.


  22. 122
    anotnia Says:

    aww i love this!!!!!! why cant you make it downloable??

  23. 123
    GregoryG Says:

    WOW – WOW – WOW

    What a fantastic piece of music!!! what awesome skill!!

    Where can I buy a copy of this??? – is it on a CD somewhere????

  24. 124
    tamasin Says:

    awesomeness stuff here im a hige fan, thanx for the free downlkoads :) :)

  25. 125
    Miss Violet Says:

    I LOVE your work and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t listen to your amazing mixes!!! Thank you and thanks for the free downloads, too! So appreciated while commuting to work…

  26. 126
    mello-d Says:

    this stuff is sick. transitions are seemless. i never heard anything like it!

  27. 127
    Chrisanthi Says:

    i love your mashups. I teach for 24hour fitness and would love to be able to use your music for my classes. is there anyway i can purchase or download the mashups? you are fab. best by far.

  28. 128
    Rhondaroo Says:

    I LOVE your videos they are freaking awesome.. I can’t wait to see more. A fan for life …..Rhonda

  29. 129
    jodes Says:

    Thank you so much for this mashup, I’ve been a big fan of Annie’s work from the early days. Any chance you could do a Eurythmics era mashup?

  30. 130
    Tim Says:

    OUTSTANDING!!! Truely a big fan of Annie and now you! Thanks

  31. 131
    Person Says:

    Is there any possible way you could have a download for this mashup? Annie Lennox is by far my favorite singer, and I love the mix that you’ve done with her songs.

  32. 132
    XIII Says:

    Come on Earworm! I know that I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to ask for an downloadable MP3 for this track!!! Chop chop!!!

  33. 133
    Splash Says:

    This is some of the most brilliant mashups I’ve ever heard and seen. I can’t stop smiling as I listen to the songs. Just fantastic!

  34. 134
    inksmith Says:

    DUDE!!! a mate got me listening to some of your mash ups, this is so good, agree with XIII, get a download of this up, want, need, must have on ipod.

  35. 135
    duque65 Says:

    this is amazing!!! i need an mp3 download desperately! really man, this is brilliant!

  36. 136
    photo recovery Says:

    Great mixture. From where we can get its download file?

  37. 137
    jenny Says:

    man when you get it right you really get it right – keep flowin an i’ll keep listenin

  38. 138
    Arnold Says:

    Dude! Really! Either you or Annie has t release it. THis is like the umpteenth timme I have watched this video, love it when you do your mashups, esaepcially a compilation like this, and it being Annie Lennox’s work throughout the years, I would love to buy a copy of the video and remix…she’s a superstar genius, and your a genius! Keep up the good work

  39. 139
    Peter Says:

    GREAT annie mashup….not the brightest bulb here…how do I save this great remix on my i tunes? LOVE IT!!

  40. 140
    Peter Says:

    never mind…just saw the “no downloads on this one” line…BUGGER! :(

  41. 141
    Traveler Says:

    sweet as….

  42. 142
    Ronald Says:

    awesome awesome awesome…cant believe how much i want to own this lennox mashup. the whole thing is like ear candy.

  43. 143
    jon wood Says:

    this has to be one of the best mash up’s i have heard and that is saying something when you listen to all the other DJ Earworm mixes which are brilliant. You are VERY talented. I wish this could be downloaded.

  44. 144
    Shaun Says:

    Am I able to download this? I am such a fan of Annie’s and your mashup is terrific.

  45. 145
    cameron Says:

    love this mix it rocks , wish you would release these they are just awsome

  46. 146
    david Thompson Says:

    You light up my life everytime i hear your music. you are no1 in my books. keep entertaining the masses. you are a master, king of kings.

  47. 147
    Hey Says:

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  48. 148
    andy brooksbank Says:

    that was mint one of the remixs ive heard in a while

  49. 149
    Discount Columbia Boots Says:

    I’ve always held a deep respect for Annie Lennox and her music.
    I am her fan!

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