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Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards

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I’ve always held a deep respect for Annie Lennox and her music, so when she gave me her multi-track masters to mash up, I was thrilled. The task was to tie together all of her solo career into single song and video, and I could deconstruct it as much as I wanted! Woohoo!

Her music expresses much hardship and sadness, but also defiance, joy and triumph, and I wanted the mashup to reflect that journey. Here’s the tracklist:
  • Why
  • Walking on Broken Glass
  • Little Bird
  • No More I Love You’s
  • Waiting in Vain
  • Something So Right
  • Dark Road
  • Sing
  • Shining Light
To listen to the streaming audio (sorry, no downloads on this one), click HERE
And here’s the video for it:
To view the video in full screen, click HERE.


178 Responses to “Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards”

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  1. 51
    MoD Says:

    I was linked here from BoingBoing and thought I would listen to this mix, but all I found were two .swf files. Could you please post the relevant content in an audio file format such as mp3 or ogg? I and many others refuse to install proprietary unfree software and use proprietaty and closed file-formats like SWF.

  2. 52
    Gyffes Says:

    So, MoD, you’re incapable of pressing the “listen here” link? What browser are you using as you navigate your Free Software Only world? And further, if you’re going to impose your narrow little perception of what’s Fair and Just on the world, why not harrass those who make Firefox or whatever you’re browsing with instead of people like Earworm, who provided this work free of charge to your whining ears.

    Gods butt, I love linux but some of you snots are as bad as those PETA retards.

  3. 53
    Kevin Says:

    Brilliant! Thank you Annie for your support, thanks Earworm for another fabulous mix

  4. 54
    Dan Says:

    So where can I download this?? It was awesome!!! Usually I just download from the site, but I didn’t see a link. Checked iTunes…nope. So, where/when can this be downloadable? I’ll gladly pay for it when it does become available!

  5. 55
    Thomas Gideon (cmdln) 's status on Saturday, 01-Aug-09 13:18:57 UTC - Says:

    [...] Here’s the Lennox/DJ Earwork link again since it got chopped for some [...]

  6. 56
    Stuart Says:

    Beautiful–keep a great thing going. And thanks Annie for your support for other artists!

  7. 57
    MWG Says:

    Fantastic mash from beautiful source material. Bravo Earworm and thank you Annie.

  8. 58
    Venia Says:

    So amazing! I adore Annie Lennox, and watching and listening to this brought such a smile to my face! Bravo! Thank you so much DJ Earworm for sharing this! Such happiness from Annie’s music and your inspiration.


  9. 59
    kpdzine Says:

    How can i buy a copy of this?
    It is brilliant!

  10. 60
    queerlike Says:

    love the mix, love the video– not many remixes of Annie’s material seem to work, but this is really genius; thanks for sharing

  11. 61
    Brad Says:

    How can I buy this: song and vid…I want it…sell it

  12. 62
    Brandon Says:

    Love this mix. Disappointed you’re not allowing downloads like your past mashups, though. Either way, you should release this for sale.

  13. 63
    Mike Says:

    Yeah, I’ll just echo everyone else … LOVE me some Annie Lennox; this is an incredible mash-up; you gotta give us some way to own this thing – a download, a shopportunity, something!

  14. 64
    Coke Says:

    Please, please, you or Annie – someone – release it for sale. I cannot stay on this website all week playing it over and over. I can’t get enough.

  15. 65
    Annie Lennox, All in One Song Says:

    [...] 6th, 2009 Annie Lennox’s entire career in one song. Well, the singles at [...]

  16. 66
    pixeltech Says:

    What I can see of the video on my old, creaky computer is maddeningly jerky and unwatchable. I get only the vaguest sense of how it flows. SO frustrating.

    I look forward to a downloadable version so I’m not limited to this infuriating Flash movie format.

    It sounds wonderful. Your work is inspiring and so joyful.

  17. 67
    DJ Danny Shaffer Says:

    Just heard this track/saw the video on Promo Only and I immediately came home to do some Googlin’ and find out who was behind the mastwerwork. Shoulda known it was the one and only DJ E. Absolutely incredible. I was listening closely and trying to figure out if Annie re-sang everything to make it one “cohesive” track, but as the song went on I definitely recognized the original vox in motion, which makes this even more of an amazing work of art. Congratulations my man, you rock the damn house.

  18. 68
    vMisterv Says:

    “Hi DJ. How about some awesome classic mashups with the greatest sounds of mozart, verdi, wagner, etc ? hugs from germany :)

  19. 69
    carter White Says:

    amazing. i love annie lennox and you just took it to the next level

  20. 70
    SAUVAGE Says:

    I’ve seen this video fifty times in a row and can’t get enough of it. I have sent it to over a hundred people tonight. This is a masterpiece from any angle you wish to choose. I’m 38 years old and have been collecting music since highschool, I’ve maxed out three Ipods and I need this mp3!!!!

  21. 71
    Child of the 70's Says:

    This made me fall in love with Annie Lennox’s music all over again. I went out and bought all the albums of hers that I was missing from my collection. Thanks.

  22. 72
    Ivan Says:

    Two Words: MIND-BLOWING. Watched the video over 8 times and it has still got me hooked – totally. This is the most beautiful and exquisite video I seen of Lennox’s music. You really made her shine.

    Pity there are no MP3 for this remix. This is one remix I will totally pay for.

  23. 73
    dj dave gray Says:

    can you put the link to download annie lennox medley on your main page cheers dj dave

  24. 74
    Jonathan Says:

    DJ Earworm, I’ve been a fan of yours for many years. This is your best work yet, you should get mix released, to say it’s amazing is an understatement. FCUKING GENIUS!

    A huge fan!! Jon
    Dublin, Ireland

  25. 75
    Jeff Says:

    Great Annie Lennox mix – How could i get a copy of it?

    Take care,


  26. 76
    Wayne Says:

    Pure genius, nothing more needs to be said but please how do I get this ?

  27. 77
    Alec Says:

    Annie Lennox is a genius, this is as well. How do we get the music and the videos, their all excellent!

  28. 78
    Melissa Says:

    Fantastic mashup, pure brilliance!!! How in the heck do I get it??

  29. 79
    lady lucinda shaw stewart Says:

    Love the annie lennox mash up you are amazing dj earworm

  30. 80
    JOHNnLA Says:

    You’ve raised the bar, dude. Simply amazing. You allow us to revisit great music in a fresh way that gets in our heads where it delights and manipulates…and makes us want a cigarette in the afterglow!

  31. 81
    YoItsAlli Says:

    this was awesome.

    i think you should do a mash-up with the Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego theme by Rockapella. It’s just a great song and I think the mash-up would be really cool!

  32. 82
    Chris Says:

    My friend there are very few true artists, you, DJ John, DJ Gary B, and yourself. The music in symphony with the video is fantastic. The very few of you have a knack for creating continuity in song, lyric, and video. I applaud you for all that I have seen, do you have others that are not present on your website ?? Keep up the Mash’n,

  33. 83
    andy Says:

    Oh my sweet Lord; a retrospective of probably the best female vocalist of my generation. Respect to you for the aural & visual delight.

  34. 84
    Claire Says:

    Wow, that was truely amazing, Really, really impressed.
    Thank you for the musical stimulation


  35. 85
    Steve Says:

    That is freaking amazing…

    …Where can I get a copy!?!?


  36. 86
    Kompani Says:

    Stunning, quite amazing, fab.

  37. 87
    The World Condensed » Blog Archive » Annie Lennox gives her masters to mashup artist DJ Earworm Says:

    [...] Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards [...]

  38. 88
    dalethorn Says:

    This is truely beautiful and Aw inspiring,….between you and Annie this genius thing is really in the bag.

  39. 89
    Jack Says:

    This truly is one awesome mashup, one of the best i have heard. When can we download it? i cant wait, i would even pay for i if i had to.

  40. 90
    Heather Says:

    TERRIFIC JOB! I enjoy Annie Lennox’s voice & this is a perfect blend of her songs. I LOVE ALL of YOUR WORK, DJ Earworm!!!

  41. 91
    Jamey Says:

    I would pay! I would pay a lot to have a copy of this track–what an amazing job you’ve done, both with the mix and with the video. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

  42. 92
    Joey Says:


  43. 93
    Madelyn Says:

    This is awesome. I’ve been a fan of Annie since I was a young girl. She’s been an inspiration. You’re retrospective of her solo career is fantastic. It flows and moves in an entirely different way than any of the individual works. Thanks for sharing!!

  44. 94
    KC Says:

    I love this song! I wish it was up for download.

  45. 95
    Stephen Says:

    I’ve already posted a comment, but just came across Backward/Forward in a Top 10 list and revisited it. As I watched it I could only think of 2 things:

    Annie is a goddess.

    You are a genius.

  46. 96
    HAnk Says:

    Annie Lennox should consider selling this to raise funds for her Sing Campaign….I’d buy it!

  47. 97
    VeryScott Says:

    Awesome job! You’re brilliant! :)

  48. 98
    Mark Says:

    I loved this mix. I would do anything to have a copy of my own. Everyone I have made listen to it, loves it. Excellent job!

  49. 99
    Ricochet Says:

    Words haven’t been invented to properly praise this. This is something you come to need….to hearten yourself… remind there is still beauty in the minds of humanity.

  50. 100
    Dennis Says:

    I happened upon this video, and was absolutely stunned by the quality… Mrs. Lennox’s body of work is, in itself, amazing. DJ Earworm’s mashup left me with chills…Words fail… I’d definitely purchase this, and gladly match the purchase price with a donation.

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